No   703

Constituted May 29th 1954.

District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Down.

Grand Royal Arch
Chapter of Ireland

Founded in 1954 we are celebrating 60 years of Royal at Chapter 703 at the Spa.

As part of our celebrations we are hosting District Grand Chapter on Wednesday 3rd  September 2014.

A 60 year Jewel will also be struck and will be available in June.

First Officers and Foundation Members

SPA   RAC   703

As at Date of Constitution, 29th May, 1954


Excellent King        E. Comp. A. J. HEANAN.

High Priest             E. Comp. W. J. McCOUBREY. J.P.

Chief Scribe            E. Comp. J. CARLISLE.

Treasurer  }            E. Comp. J. D. McCONKEY. M.B.E.

Registrar   }

Captain of Host            Comp. R JONES.

Supt. of Tabernacle      Comp. J HARTE. B.E.M.

Royal Arch Captain      Comp. J DOBBIN.

Capt. of Scarlet Veil     Comp. H. P. FISHBOURNE

Capt. of Purple Veil      Comp. A.W. McCOUBREY

Capt. of Blue Veil     E. Comp.  ....................

Janitor                         Comp. H. A. Steele