The Warrant for 703 was  reissued to brethren of Spa Masonic Lodge in Spa, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, on 7th  June 1946 to be known as “Spa Lodge”

Arthur J. Heanen, Merchant (Seaforde 1009); Thomas J. Graham, Retired Army Officer (Belfast Volunteers 439) and Hutchinson P. Fishbourne, Cattle-trader (Ballynahinch 301) registered along with twenty-two others from various lodges, two marked “did not join” registered 7 June, 1946.

A total of 50 brethren registered up to 15 February, 1952.  

From the Minutes of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down:-

Spa Road House,

Ballynahinch, Co. Down

2nd October, 1946.

An Occasional Communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down was held  in Spa Road House, Ballynahinch, Co. Down on Wednesday 2nd October, 1946 at 5 o’clock p.m., for the purpose of Constituting and Dedicating the ‘Spa’ Masonic Lodge No. 703.

The Provincial Grand Master (R.W. Bro. Sir Harry Mulholland, Bart., DL .) Presided and was accompanied by the Provincial Deputy Grand Master (R.W. Bro. Sir William Robinson, JP.)

The following Provincial Grand Lodge Officers were in attendance:-

Prov. Grand Senior Warden V.W. Bro. H.J. Watterson

Prov. Grand Junior Warden V.W. Bro.  William Murray

Prov. Grand Secretary V.W. Bro. W.J. Price, JP.

Prov. Grand Chaplain W. Bro. Rev. Canon T. McCreight, MA. & Rev. John H. Carson, MA.

Prov. Senior Grand Deacon W. Bro. John Kerr

Prov. Junior Grand Deacon W. Bro. F. McC. Morrow

Prov. Grand Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Peter McLean & Geo. T. Keily  

Prov. Grand Steward W. Bro. Herbert Megarry

Prov. Grand Organist W. Bro. James Shannon

Prov. Grand Inner Guard W. Bro. George C. Bell

Prov. Grand Sword Bearer W. Bro. Robert Bradshaw

Prov. Grand St. Bearer W. Bro. Frank Russell

Prov. Grand Masters St. B. W. Bro. Not Shown

Prov. Grand Asst. Secretary V.W. Bro. W.R. Cooper

Together with V.W. Bro. Robert Kerr and W. Bro. Sydney Hanna.

Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due form on the first degree.

Circular convening the meeting was read.

Grand Honours were accorded to the Provincial Grand Master under the direction of V.W. Bro. Peter McLean, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The Ceremony of Constituting and Dedicating ‘Spa’ Masonic Lodge No. 703 was carried out in accordance with Ancient Masonic Ritual.

The Provincial Grand Master having addressed the members of the new Lodge it was then declared at Labour.

The Provincial Grand Master Installed W. Bro. A.J. Heanen as Worshipful Master; the Officers of the Lodge were then Installed by the Worshipful Master.

The business of ‘Spa’ Masonic Lodge was then transacted.

The Provincial Grand Master re-occupied the Chair of Provincial Grand Lodge and other Officers resumed their places.

A vote of thanks was proposed, seconded and conveyed to the Provincial Grand Master and Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Provincial Grand Lodge was closed – Peace, Love and Harmony prevailing.

Afterwards the visiting Brethren were entertained to Dinner.

(Signed) H. Mulholland P.G.M.

William J. Price P.G. Secretary.

23 November,  1946.

Register commences with the registration of William Martin, Clerk, registered 28 October, 1952

A total of 86 brethren registered up to 16 April, 1982.

First Officers and Foundation Members at the date of Constitution

W.Bro. Arthur James Heanen

V.W. Bro Major Thomas James Graham

W.Bro Hutchinson Porter Fishbourne, J.P.

W.Bro Joseph Carlisle

W. Bro Charles McCurdy

Bro. Edwin Stevenson J.P.

Bro Arthur Watson McCoubrey

Bro. John Gillespie B.Sc (Agric)

W.Bro. John Dawson McConkey M.B.E.

W.Bro James Scott

Bro. William James Irvine

Bro. James Carlisle

Bro. James Gray

Bro. John Scott Dobbin

Bro. William Bell McCoubrie

Bro. William James Flynn

W.Bro. William Robert Flynn J.P.

W.Bro William Carlisle

W.Bro John McFadden

Bro. James Massey

Bro. James Harte

Bro Hugh Arthur M.D.

Bro James Carlisle, jun.













Chief Stewart

Senior Stewart

Junior Stewart

Charity Stewart

For the first few years of the Lodge the Brethren met in the local Orange Hall but when another building became vacant and for sale in 1952 the Brethren decided that the building would make a good base for Freemasonry in the Spa area. This was the Heart of Down Roadhouse.

The building was constructed in 1840 and used as a Roadhouse for travellers to take the waters from the Spa wells, which are in the grounds.

The building was purchased for around £3000 and opened and dedicated as a Masonic Hall on 11th October 1952. At this point there was only an overdraft of £200 on the building.

©  Data included with the kind permission of Rt. Wor. Bro. Keith Cochrane